Long Reach Tactical specialises in bespoke firearms training and tactical instruction. We aim to impart our specific experience to a wide audience within the UK firearm community through dedicated coaching and mentoring efforts.


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"The LRT team proved to be excellent coaches with our group of very varied experience shooters. I personally valued their engaging style, drawing on their service experience and taking from it to help develop civilian target shooting."

-Adrian, Google Reviews 30/04/24

"The professionalism and friendliness I received was so brilliant. Their patience with my questions and helping me to understand things like height over bore, different focal planes, diopter focus and even parallax was so helpful."

"I will definitely look to attend their fundamentals course!"

-Ben, Google Reviews 29/04/24

"LRT are highly professional, supportive, and knowledgeable. LRT comprises serving snipers, and they have so much enthusiasm and energy for developing and coaching individuals and passing on their knowledge and experience."

-Jon, Google Reviews 03/05/24

"The team from LRT is first-rate: not only are they fully competent professionals who know their field inside-out, but they are superb instructors able to get the point across at the appropriate level of understanding of the student with patience and good humour. I am sure that both experienced and novice shooters will come away with a wealth of tips and knowledge acquired both from the formal content of the course and incidentally during the day. Thoroughly recommended! I’ll be booking another LRT course"

-Toby, Email review 19/05/24

"Attended the External Ballistics course and was impressed with the knowledge imparted. Best aspect for me was the data and doctrine were 2024 and up to date! A lot of what I had taken as perceived wisdom was actually out of date. This course is a must for anyone who wants to know what happened to a round the moment it leaves the barrel. Ben and Max were a no nonsense no ego just the facts team and I wish the well in their endeavours."

-Jason, Google Reviews 02/06/2024

"I’ve just spent a very enjoyable day being tutored by Ben and Max of LRT at the Tunnel Target Sports Center near Charmouth on External ballistics, or more simply put “what happens to your bullet between leaving the barrel and target impact and the factors that influence its path” it is a complex subject and definitely not “bed time reading” however Ben and Max conveyed a tremendous amount of information in an easy to understand bite size format with practical demonstrations in the class room and frequent breaks to allow the brain to cool down!
As a direct result of this course I am now in a position to make an informed decision on the twist rate of a new barrel in relation to my preferred bullet which will aid in grouping and improving my scores, also I’m now looking forward to a “Precision Rifle Class 1” course and the “Wind Workshop” which will undoubtedly help with what is the hardest part of long range target shooting, judging your wind call. The course fee was money well spent!"

-Paul, Google Reviews 02/06/2024

"Attended the External Ballistics course on 1st June. I have experienced many types of training both practical and theory based.

Max and Ben seem to be naturals at training delivery. I never thought it would be possible for someone to deliver this course in the time allowed today but they did it! 

They are a credit to the Corp and anyone who shoots rifle outdoors needs this course. It was a great day and I learnt a lot. The subject was delivered at just the right pace in a friendly, informal but professional manner. These guys clearly know their subject and have put it to practice.

There's no need to fear the words "Coriolis effect" or "Spin drift" any longer get on a course 😄".

-Cliff, Email Reviews 02/06/2024

"I attended Long reach Tactical's External Ballistics one day course in June and must say it was money worth spent. Ben and Max are military trained so needless to say any questions we had were answered efficiently and with enthusiasm. I learnt many things that day and LRT have many more interesting courses coming up both in the class room and on the range. Give them a go, you will not be disappointed"

-Mike, Google Reviews 14/06/2024

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Based in the South West, UK, Long Reach Tactical offers precision marksmanship and tactical instruction led by seasoned instructors. Our team consists of formally trained Commando Scout Snipers, highly skilled in long range marksmanship, small team tactics, close-quarters combat (CQB/CQM), maritime security, interdiction operations and surveillance and reconnaissance. 

Whatever your preferred firearm or shooting discipline, we provide tested training methods to elevate your skills. Focusing on individual development and performance enhancement, our goal is to empower you to excel in your chosen discipline.

Join us and unlock your full potential.

"Performance assured, Precision guaranteed"

-LRT Team