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Precision Rifle instruction

Whether you're a long-range marksman or a close-range shooter, our personalised training sessions are tailored to your specific goals, ensuring rapid skill development and technique refinement.

Fundamentals Training

Are you looking to master the art of precision rifle shooting?

Join us for a comprehensive package designed to help you shoot with confidence and precision. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the fundamentals of marksmanship, firearm handling, and safety protocols. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your shooting skills, get ready to take aim with LRT.

Theory workshops

Discover the fundamental concepts that underpin precision marksmanship. There is a lot of 'smoke and mirrors' when it comes to precision marksmanship theory, At LRT we are here to filter out the noise and help you find practical takeaways, whatever your level. From wind dynamics, external ballistics, optic workshops or introductory sessions, our expert-led tuition offers essential insights for shooters of all levels. Elevate your skills and join us to unlock the key to precision and proficiency.

Close Quarter tactics workshop

Participate in our workshops to help master and enhance your tactical strategies and techniques, particularly in close quarter battle (CQB) scenarios. Embrace fresh perspectives from experienced professionals that could give you the competitive edge you seek.

Agency specific work

At LRT, our team of instructors boasts extensive expertise in surveillance, maritime interdiction, protection, counter-sniper operations, small team tactics, and a range of specialised disciplines. If you're seeking this level of bespoke training, reach out to us today. We're committed to helping you achieve peak performance standards.


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Do you do 1 to 1 coaching?

We offer personalized instruction tailored to both groups and individuals, either at our dedicated facility or at a location of your choice. Whether you prefer to train at our site or have us come to you, we accommodate your needs for a seamless learning experience.

What firearms do you use?


You can bring your own or,

Hone precision at mid to long range, We've got an arsenal of options! Take your pick from our selection including .223 (5.56), 6.5, 300, .308 (7.62), .338 (8.59), and .375 caliber rifles, available in both bolt action and straight pull configurations. The choice is yours, ensuring you're equipped with exactly what you need for your shooting preferences. 

When it comes to short-range and close-quarter marksmanship (CQM), we've got the perfect blend of excitement and accuracy. Our .22lr and .22wmr options, semi-auto full-size rifles, including 'AR' style models, promise loads of fun and precise shooting experiences.

And for those seeking tactical workshops that pack a punch, our airsoft setups are the ultimate choice. Gear up and get ready to take your skills to the next level. Unleash your potential with our comprehensive range of firearms and training options!


What makes Long Reach Tactical different?

LRT stands out from other firearms coaching companies. We offer comprehensive training, dedicated range time, and valuable opportunities for professionals, sport shooters, and passionate enthusiasts. Our programs are designed to blend practical instruction with enjoyable training experiences, including military-inspired simulations, catering to individuals interested in the tactical community

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Long Reach Tactical, based in the Southwest, UK, is committed to delivering top-tier firearms sessions plus tactical instruction to elevate your performance in your chosen discipline. Whether you're a seasoned shooter, avid tactical enthusiast, or simply seeking something different, our dedicated team are here to empower your journey towards excellence.


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