Our Team

At our core, we are a team of formally trained and qualified scout snipers, yet our expertise extends far beyond. With distinguished careers in the Royal Marines, we have meticulously honed our craft, augmenting it with a diverse array of skills and experiences.

 At LRT, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch training, coaching and mentorship.

We take pride in trying to give back a little of what we know, to you.




Adam, fondly known as ‘Patch’ among friends and family members is a distinguished Royal Marines Scout Sniper Team Leader. His expertise extends across close quarters marksmanship, long range precision marksmanship and specialist instruction encompassing small and large calibre firearms. Beyond his various land based expertise Patch also has extensive knowledge and skill operation in the maritime sector, engaging from various platforms of helicopters and boats this demonstrates his true versatility. All these skills have been honed over multiple deployments  across the globe. Now Patch looks to dedicate his skillset into ensuring you as a valued team member get the performance we assure and the precision we guarantee.


Ben is a seasoned Royal Marines Scout Sniper Team Leader, where he excels as a close-quarter tactics instructor and long range precision marksman. With expertise spanning from small to large calibre firearms of all natures. In addition to his degree in Strength and Conditioning, he boasts a wealth of experience in security operations combating illegal substances, firearms trafficking, and piracy worldwide through sophisticated small-team tactics and close-quarters strategy. Ben's specialisation lies in Close Quarter Battle tactics but like the rest of the team, his craft was honed in precision long-range marksmanship world.

With a professional demeanour and an impressive knack for mastering various skills, Ben approaches life with an unwavering commitment to help you achieve your goals, no matter the challenge.


Max is an accomplished Royal Marine Scout Sniper Team Leader, mainly known for his expertise in close-range marksmanship, close-quarter tactics and his calm, friendly demeanour. He specialises in comprehensive firearms coaching, from small calibre pistols to large calibre firearms, and advanced camouflage and concealment. Precision long-range marksmanship is Max's true speciality, meticulously developed through his extensive operational experience. 

Max thrives on challenges and delights in discussing gear, weaponry, and more. His passion mirrors yours, and together, hell be by your side, one shot at a time to help you achieve heights beyond what you thought you could do! 

And many more!

At LRT, we welcome occasional assistance from diverse instructors, enriching our team's capabilities and enhancing the learning experience. With a shared commitment to excellence, our goal is to consistently deliver the highest quality instruction and experiences to our clients.

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The images depicted in this advertisement are sourced from our experiences during service in the Royal Marines. They are used solely for the purpose of illustrating our team's backgrounds and identities. Please note that these images do not directly represent the services or experiences customers will receive.

Furthermore, the media has been edited to adhere to privacy regulations and operational security protocols, including the removal of identifiable faces or sensitive information.

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